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auto ext warrantyAutomobiles are such a fundamental part of our daily lives that few people ever contemplate how they would function without their family vehicle. From commuting to work to taking our children to school, our car is essential to our ability to perform the most basic and fundamental activities in our daily lives. Many people recognizing the importance of their vehicle and the high cost of their investment purchase extended warranties. Sadly, when their vehicle malfunctions because of a defective part, many extended warranty claims are met with tactics of denial, delay and avoidance, but Oklahoma law provides a remedy for such mistreatment.

Our state treats extended warranties like insurance, which means that your extended warranty provider must deal with you in good faith. If your extended warranty provider refuses to fix your vehicle or has failed to do so effectively after repeated attempts, schedule a free consultation to learn how our Oklahoma bad faith insurance attorneys will fight for you. We have provided information to help you understand how your extended warranty rights are similar to your rights as an insurance policyholder. If you have any of the following issues contact us today. We can help.

Warranty vs. Insurance

Our experienced insurance bad faith attorneys represent residents throughout Oklahoma who have had their insurance claim wrongfully denied after experiencing a loss, such as damage to one’s business, home or vehicle… more»

Extended Warranties

When you purchase a vehicle service contract (commonly known as an “extended warranty”) covering your vehicle, you are protecting your family’s investment and purchasing the assurance that if your vehicle needs expensive repairs, you will not have to compromise your family’s monthly budget… more»

Why Extended Warranties Are Insurance Products

When you purchase an extended warranty (also known as “vehicle service contract”), you are purchasing a type of insurance under Oklahoma bad faith insurance law. This means that you may go beyond the normal contract damages available for failure to perform under a vehicle warranty and seek punitive damages…more»

Questions to Ask When Purchasing an Extended Warranty

An extended warranty (i.e. vehicle service agreement) is an agreement between you and a warranty company, which shifts the responsibility for covering the cost of any repairs to the warranty provider. An extended warranty can be an effective protection against unanticipated expensive repair or mechanical failures… more»

What Should an Extended Warranty Cost?

Consumers all over Oklahoma purchase extended warranties (alternatively called “vehicle service contracts”) when purchasing a new or used vehicle. Many times the cost of the extended warranty is buried in complex financing documents so that the cost of the vehicle service contract is hard to determine…more»

Things To Know About Extended Warranties

Many Oklahoma residents find themselves in a nightmarish scenario. A person purchases a vehicle for $40,000 and pays at much as $2,500 additional for an extended warranty to protect their investment. After they have enjoyed their vehicle for a couple of months, it suddenly malfunctions and has serious mechanical issues… more»

What is Insurance Bad Faith

Our Oklahoma insurance bad faith attorneys represent insurance policyholders throughout Oklahoma who are dealt with unfairly by their insurance company. Every insurance contract in Oklahoma contains an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, which is implied by law… more»

How Insurance Companies Cheat Their Customers

Although insurance companies have a fiduciary duty toward policyholders, many insurance companies routinely violate this obligation and cheat their customers. The tactics used by insurance companies range from denying valid claims to offering ludicrously lowball settlements or otherwise employing tactics designed to delay and frustrate policyholders until they finally accept less than the value of their claim… more»

Insurance Intimidation Examples

People throughout Oklahoma experience accidental injury and property loss on a daily basis. An accident is defined as an undesirable and unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally usually resulting in harm, injury, damage or loss…more»

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