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When you’re considering the purchase of a new or used car, it is imperative to take the time to do a little research first.  Researching your options may seem daunting and time-consuming; however, you will ultimately save yourself more time and money, and possibly avoid purchasing a car that will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a new or used car, driving it off the lot and finding yourself stuck beside the road within days or weeks of your new purchase.  Your dream car can quickly become your worst nightmare. Schedule a free consultation with the attorneys at The Bennett Law Firm if this has happened to you.

Internet access provides car buyers the opportunity to become savvy consumers who are less likely to be persuaded by a smooth-talking car salesman.

Fraudulent Car Dealer Tricks

There are several well-known tricks that many car salesmen use to coax customers into buying a car. The following tactics may be considered car dealer fraud:

  • Asking what you’re willing to pay in monthly payments, and then they extend the terms of the loan to satisfy your desired payments which ultimately increases the price you pay for the car.
  • Asking the amount you desire for your trade-in, and then increasing the price of the car you want to purchase by including false charges such as car add-ons that do not exist.
  • Attempting to cover up previous damages to a car, especially new cars that have been flooded and brought in from other states.
  • Using a method often referred to as “yo-yo financing” for consumers with a bad credit rating by encouraging the consumer to drive the car home and leading them to believe their financing has been completely approved, but then calling them a few days later and telling them the financing actually fell through, and they will have to pay a higher interest rate in order to keep the car.
  • Manipulating the odometer to indicate less than actual mileage.

By researching the type of car you want, obtaining a copy of a car’s history from CarFax or Autocheck, and researching customer satisfaction with various dealerships in your area, your car-buying experience can be more enjoyable.

Legal Help in Oklahoma

The Bennett Law Firm offer legal services for victims of car dealer fraud in the following areas:

  • Oklahoma City
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There are consumer protection laws in place to prevent car dealer fraud.  If you have purchased a car, and you suspect car dealer fraud, schedule a free consultation online or call The Bennett Law Firm at 405.272.0303 to discuss your legal options with an experienced Oklahoma City lawyer today. No Recovery, No Fee! We will meet with you face to face and can handle cases anywhere in Oklahoma. We can even come to you!