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Innovative Technology & Insurance Claims

Posted July 25, 2016

By now, most have heard about “self-driving technology” and the innovation it promises to offer us. However, a recent fatality involving one of the Tesla autopilot vehicles has many not only questioning the safety of this new technology but also asking about the related insurance claims, as well; specifically, is technology moving too fast for the protection the […]

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What To Do When The Dealership Won’t Repair A Part Covered By The Extended Warranty

Posted October 5, 2015

Extended warranties on products are gaining in popularity. Businesses such as car dealerships favor them as a great “upsell” opportunity for those buying a new vehicle because they often bring in far more than they ever have to pay out. However, some businesses create the paperwork for extended warranties without having any intention of honoring […]

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Insight On Car Dealership Fraud

Posted May 3, 2015

Auto fraud results from a lot of dealership scams and illegal practices that discourage consumers. Fraudulent dealership can cause consumers millions of dollars on unnecessary car repairs; unfortunately, car dealer fraud is hard to determine before the deal can be concluded. Car frauds in most occasions are detected later when the damage has already taken place […]

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The dealership reset the check engine light before both of my test-drives and claimed it had no issues

Posted March 23, 2015

Anyone that has recently leased or purchased a vehicle will expect that the car is in reasonably good condition, but what happens when the customer finds out they were mislead by the dealer? One of the most common ways for dealers to mislead customers is to reset the check engine light just before making a […]

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