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Bad Faith Insurance & Fine Art

Posted December 13, 2016

Not only does insurance apply to homes, injuries, cars, and other property, but it also applies to fine art. With fine art insurance, companies typically provide coverage for the collector, museum, organization, dealer, etc. These insurers pride themselves having a special understanding of the quality and value of fine art, and this special understanding is […]

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Can Oklahoma Health Insurance Premiums Spike In Response To Fine?

Posted November 30, 2016

This month, Blue Cross Blue Shield announced that it intends to increase all individual Affordable Care Act compliant plans by 76 percent, after the company recently faced a hefty fine ($3 million)—the largest in state history, in fact–from the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner for providing “poor customer service” (specifically, for issues arising out of billing and […]

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The Myth of “Certified Pre-Owned” Cars & Warranties

Posted November 10, 2016

If you are thinking of purchasing a pre-owned car, it is absolutely essential that you know what the “Certified Pre-Owned” (CPO) designation means first, as many people buy CPO cars only to find out that the cars have many problems, which consumers are shocked were not discovered during the CPO inspection. Many have termed the […]

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What Might Surprise You about Your Roof Warranty

Posted November 5, 2016

For most homeowners—especially those who live in Oklahoma and weather severe storms—it’s not a matter of whether you’ll need to replace your roof, but rather, when. But while you likely obtained a limited lifetime warranty in the event of needing new roofing materials within the first ten years of installation, it is important to note […]

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Update on Lawsuit Against Oklahoma Insurance Company That Denied Coverage to Cancer Patients

Posted September 6, 2016

As we reported in June, the problem of insurers being out of date when it comes to the latest technologies to treat disease is an ongoing issue, but unfortunately, it can also sometimes make the difference between life and death for those who suffer from particular conditions. In this particular incidence, it is a cancer […]

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Professional Athletes’ Insurance Policies and the Long-term Effects of Concussions

Posted August 10, 2016

A case filed in July by former Carolina Panther (NFL) Safety Haruki Nakamura brings to light the issues that some experience each year concerning filing injury claims, but professional athletes, in particular, have long been frustrated by. Nakamura claims that his insurance company subjected him to near-impossible procedures concerning his claim that he suffered a […]

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Insurance Claims After Hail Storms: What You Need to Know

Posted August 4, 2016

Many would likely be surprised to find out that hail and wind damage are the most frequently filed homeowners insurance claims, and, on average, cost over $8,000 per claim. If you live in the Midwest or western states (like Nebraska, Colorado, or Wyoming), you have likely dealt with this issue, as, each year, those states […]

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Innovative Technology & Insurance Claims

Posted July 25, 2016

By now, most have heard about “self-driving technology” and the innovation it promises to offer us. However, a recent fatality involving one of the Tesla autopilot vehicles has many not only questioning the safety of this new technology but also asking about the related insurance claims, as well; specifically, is technology moving too fast for the protection the […]

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Insurance Twisting

Posted May 9, 2016

Insurance companies’ acts of bad faith do not only include the refusal to pay out a valid claim. There are a multitude of other ways by which an insurance company can dishonestly or fraudulently take advantage of consumers. It is important to be careful in your transactions with insurance companies and their agents to avoid […]

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Claims Investigations

Posted May 2, 2016

After a policyholder submits a claim for benefits under his or her insurance policy, the insurance company will undertake an investigation of the accident. Many insurers treat policyholders fairly and conduct thorough and careful investigations of claims. Unfortunately, some insurance companies do not adhere to the standards of honesty and fair dealing owed to clients […]

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