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Your Extended Warranty Acts Like An Oklahoma Insurance Policy

Posted August 3, 2015

Your Extended Warranty Is Protected By Oklahoma Insurance Laws

If your warranty provider is repeatedly delaying or procrastinating on your case, they may be acting in bad faith under Oklahoma law.

An extended warranty is also known as a vehicle service contract, and Oklahoma considers them to be a type of insurance. That means that you, the consumer, are protected and have the right to go after your warranty provider if they’re failing to perform according to their agreement.

Vehicle repair is an expensive unexpected cost; with the financial environment the way it is today, many consumers simply don’t have that kind of money lying around. That’s why you buy the extended warranty in the first place. When a warranty provider fails to honor that promise that can leave you in a bad place.

So What Can You Do?

Each case is going to be unique, and law is an ever-changing thing. Few consumers will have the information or time necessary to pursue their provider themselves. The easiest thing for you, the consumer, to do is get someone on your side with experience, knowledge and familiarity with the Oklahoma lawmakers. An experienced insurance attorney can make sure that you’re being treated fairly.

How Do You Know You’re Protected?

So how we can say that Oklahoma protects you?

In 2010, the Oklahoma Supreme Court stated in McMullan v. Enterprise Financial Group, Inc. that, “vehicle service contracts may be the basis of a bad faith insurance lawsuit” as they are designed to function and perform as a type insurance, shifting the risk of high-cost repairs from the consumer to the insurer for a prepaid premium. This allows you, the consumer, to not pursue your provider for the costs of repair to your vehicle, but also for punitive damages for acting in bad faith and breaching the contractual obligation to deal with you in good faith.

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