Oklahoma City False Vehicle Advertising | Tulsa Deceptive Advertising

Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission (OMVC) law does forbid the use of false vehicle advertising, including tampering with an odometer to change the actual accrued mileage of a vehicle being sold or traded in to a dealership.

The OMVC law is extremely comprehensive in falsely advertising a vehicle that is for sale in order to protect consumers, and these include:

  • A vehicle advertisement in any publication, including magazines, newspapers, posters, circulars, pamphlets, internet, sign, poster, etc. must correctly depict every detail of the actual vehicle offered for sale.
  • The advertisement must use a specific font size
  • The advertisement must include full disclosures
  • The advertisement must include a dealerships addendum that includes any vehicle add-ons including additional charges not listed in the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)
  • Any type of Bait and Switch advertising is not allowed

Proof for False Vehicle Advertising

In order to prove that you are a victim of fraud or false advertising, you must be able to substantiate the fact that you would not have purchased the vehicle “but for.”  This simply means that you were led to believe that certain stated or alluded to “facts,” were valid, and enticed you to purchase the vehicle; otherwise, you would not have completed the purchase.  Upon learning that the stated or alluded to “facts” are not valid, and are in fact, false, you have become the victim of fraud or false advertising.

Oklahoma laws are extremely consumer oriented and make every effort to protect the consumer from unscrupulous practices by a dealership selling new and/or used vehicles.

While there are consumer laws for specific contracts that allow a consumer three days to cancel a contract, but when purchasing a vehicle there is not a three day right to cancel.  The contract is valid and enforceable at the time of purchase providing fraud is not involved.

Legal Representation in Oklahoma for Victims of False Advertising

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