Oklahoma Fire Insurance Claims | Tulsa Fire Damage Insurance Claim Disputes

fire claimsMost people never imagine that their home or business will be damaged by fire, but fires cause billions of dollars in property loss annually. A person whose home is consumed by flames can lose everything in his or her home and all of his or her possessions. The total loss of all that you have built and accumulated over your lifetime can be an emotional and devastating experience. If your insurance company refuses to cooperate and drags its feet in handling your claim, it can add insult to injury. Our experienced Oklahoma bad faith attorneys will diligently pursue your claim. We will help you obtain the full value of your loss and are prepared to file a lawsuit for bad faith denial of your fire insurance claim if your insurer will not deal with you fairly. Schedule a free consultation with us today to start the process of getting the compensation you have a right to.

Although you have fire insurance coverage to compensate you for any loss, your insurance company may make it difficult to establish what property you lost by requesting documentation – documentation that may have been destroyed in the fire. Your insurance company will require that you file a proof of loss form, which is prepared under penalty of perjury or must be notarized.  If you omit items that were damaged or destroyed or provide unintentional misstatements, your insurance company can use this to deny part or your entire claim. Even worse, errors, omissions or misstatement in your proof of claim form may lead to allegations of insurance fraud. Your insurance company may not even advise you that they are investigating your claim for insurance fraud nor that they have reported it to the Oklahoma Insurance Department.

In an effort to protect their own financial interests, fire insurance companies routinely unnecessarily delay, minimize, or deny legitimate claims. Your fire insurance carrier may use errors in your proof of claim form as the basis for the delay. While you may be able to use a public adjuster, a public adjuster will merely assign a value to your claim and negotiate with your fire insurance company. Unlike a public adjuster, our attorneys can provide legal advice regarding proper preparation of your proof of claim form and whether your insurance company is conforming to its obligation to deal with you in good faith.

Our Oklahoma bad faith fire insurance attorneys will work closely with experts that will help ensure that you receive the maximum value for your claim. Our insurance attorneys will handle all aspects of your claim from beginning to end and work aggressively to persuade your insurance company to pay the full value of your fire insurance claim. We are also prepared to use litigation if you insurance company refuses to treat your fairly. We have successfully prevailed in litigation involving the bad faith conduct of fire insurance companies on behalf of residents throughout Oklahoma. A bad faith lawsuit for denial of your fire damage claim may seek not only the full value of your property loss but punitive damages designed to punish the insurance company for its bad faith tactics.

If your home or business has been destroyed or seriously damaged by fire, our experienced bad faith insurance lawyers will handle the legal and insurance hassles.  Insurance companies are typically massive corporations with hundreds and even thousands of employees. Our knowledgeable team knows that you are much more than a claim sitting in a massive stack on someone’s desk. You and your family are real people who have suffered a devastating and heartbreaking loss. We will help you rebuild and recover from your tragic loss.

Our bad faith insurance attorneys will aggressively fight for the compensation that you deserve. Whether your insurance company has denied your claim or simply refuses to deal with you fairly and promptly, our insurance bad faith attorneys can help.

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