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Has Your Signature Been Forged on Car Purchase Documents?

When you purchase a car, new or used, you are required to sign a heap of paperwork. From the sales agreement and disclosure paperwork, to the financial documents, it would take hours, if not days, to read the fine print in its entirety. You assume what you sign is legitimate and never consider that a car dealership may forge your signature on other paperwork not included in the packet.

 More Common than You Realize

Forgery on car documents is especially common in the purchase of used cars. The dealership may want to avoid you knowing the car had frame damage or may have been declared totaled from a wreck. In other instances, the sales person may have forgotten to have you sign a document. No matter the reason, forgery on car documents is illegal, and if you have been victimized by this practice, you may have grounds to file a claim for auto fraud.

Detecting Forgery

There are ways to detect even the closely traced forged signatures on car documents. If you find your first statement does not match the finance terms you thought you agreed to pay, your signature may have been forged on the financing paperwork. You could pay thousands more because of the different financing arrangements. In other instances, you may realize the car you purchased is not in the tip-top condition you thought it was when you purchased it if the dealership fails to disclose its repair record or damage reports. Whatever the circumstances, your best bet is to take legal action against the dealership if you suspect your signature was forged on any documents.

Legal Representation

The Bennett Law Firm is experienced in all areas of car dealership fraud, including forgery of signatures on purchase documents. A dealership that forges a signature must be held liable for their fraudulent behavior. Any misrepresentation of the vehicle or the financing options for the car purchased may cost thousands of dollars and hours of headaches to remedy the situation. You are entitled to take legal action. Our firm will place your rights at the center of your claim, and we will work diligently to recover damages you are owed.

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