Defending Against Insurance Bad Faith Claims of Fraud and Arson

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, most homeowners’ insurance policies offer dwelling coverage, which pays for any damage to the structure of your home, structures attached to your home, and any of your home’s fixtures, such as plumbing and electrical wiring. A policy that includes the phrase, “dwelling fire form” covers only damage done to the structure of the home, and does not cover any damage to personal belongings, medical expenses, or personal liability.

If your home was recently in a fire, we understand your devastation and how frustrating it can be to be told by your insurance company, “I am sorry, but we do not cover that.” However, before you panic, remain calm and know that chances are, your insurance company is not being truthful with you. If this is the case, the insurance bad faith attorneys at The Bennett Law Firm Law Firm can help you fight the claim and not only receive compensation for your losses, but also receive compensation for any hassle caused by your insurance company’s bad faith dealings.

When Your Insurance Company Denies Your Fire Claim

After the fire that destroyed your home, you called your insurance company and filed a claim, as any responsible home-owning, insurance carrying individual would do. After asking for an exhaustive list of documents, fighting with you over your lifestyle and possible causes, and having investigator after investigator snooping around your home and asking your friends and neighbors embarrassing questions, they come to you with their final diagnosis: you started the fire yourself. You are flabbergasted, and at a loss as to what to do. At this point, it is time to hire an Oklahoma insurance bad faith attorney.

Your Rights as a Homeowner and Policyholder

If you have been accused of fraud or arson, do not panic—the insurance bad faith attorneys at The Bennett Law Firm Law Firm have helped countless homeowners fight such outrageous accusations, and now we are here to help you.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that insurance companies are supposed to help homeowners in their time of need, most nickel and dime their clients or outright deny claims without any valid reason. Some insurance companies go so far as to perform questionable investigations that utilize shady and invasive techniques to “build a case” against you. Though all of these techniques are considered insurance bad faith tactics, the latter tactic is likely the one that your insurance company used.

Our insurance bad faith law firm will utilize our own investigators to provide a report to counter that given by your insurance company. We will also gather as much documentation and pictorial evidence as possible, in addition to character assessments from your friends and family members. In short, we will do everything in our power to disprove the insurance company’s claims and to provide the judge with an accurate character analysis, and not one purposefully designed to tarnish your reputation.

Observation Versus Invasion

One tactic that insurance companies use to build a case is to hire investigators to overstep their legal boundaries and obtain evidence that would have been otherwise unobtainable. Though it is perfectly legal for insurance investigators to lurk around your home and photograph and videotape anything you do that occurs in public setting, they are not permitted to trespass on private property, use zoom lens, or employ any other equipment to record sounds or images that could not otherwise be obtained in a public place. If they employ any of these methods, they can be found guilty of invasion of privacy, thereby destroying their entire case against you.

What To Do When Your Fire Claim Becomes an Arson Allegation

If your home was destroyed in a fire and your insurance company has accused you of burning your home down yourself, you have an uphill battle ahead of you. However, with a skilled and knowledgeable attorney on your side, you can make it through this tough time and come out the other side with a restored reputation and adequate compensation—for both the damages caused by the fire and those caused by your insurance company’s allegations.

At The Bennett Law Firm Law Firm, we understand that it is not easy to be accused of a crime you did not commit. However, if you can remain calm and help our insurance bad faith attorneys help us help you, you can successfully fight the insurance agency and make sure that they pay for their false accusations. We specialize only in insurance bad faith dealings, so know exactly what it takes to help you prove your innocence and walk away with a check in hand.

If you are ready to prove the true cause of your house fire, reach out to the Oklahoma insurance bad faith attorneys at The Bennett Law Firm Law Firm at 405-272-0303, or contact us online, to schedule your free consultation today.