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hail damageA hailstorm can create havoc causing serious property damage to your roof, pool, air conditioning and adjacent structures just to name a few examples. The destruction caused by hail to your roof can be particularly damaging because it may not be immediately apparent. It is not uncommon that the entire roof may need to be replaced after a hailstorm. Hail may dislodge the roofing granules from shingles and reduce the useful life of roof shingles. If you attempt to file Oklahoma hail damage claims under your insurance policy for damage to your roof and are underpaid or denied schedule a free consultation with a Bennett Law Law Firm attorney. The insurance company may claim that the damage was not caused by hail but is instead simply the result of the age of the roof. The insurance company adjuster also may claim that all you need is to have a few shingles replaced when in fact the entire roof needs replacement.

The Bennett Law Firm have represented thousands of clients throughout OK whose hail claims have been denied, improperly handled, or underpaid.  While most people expect their insurance company to treat them fairly, insurance companies are a business with a bottom line. It is in the best interest of the insurance company to deny or undervalue claims to increase profits. A common tactic used to accomplish this goal is to deny coverage based on the claim that the roof damage is a product of the age of the roof or wear and tear over a period of years as opposed to damage caused by a hailstorm. Insurance companies may also undervalue the claim offering merely to do minor repairs as opposed to replace the roof or significant portions of the roof.

After a hailstorm, there are a number of steps you should take to make sure you are able to identify any damage and obtain compensation for your claim.  The first step is to have a professional roofing expert examine your roof.  The expert will give you an independent evaluation of the damage to your roof and determine the likelihood that you will be able to successfully make a claim for hail damage. The reason to do this before submitting a claim is because a claim can make your insurance premium increase so it is better not to submit a claim unless you have already assessed the likelihood that your claim will be successful.

If you obtain and independent opinion that you have suffered hail damage (i.e. damage to your roof), you should then submit a claim. If you insurance company refuses to deal with your fairly by delaying your claim without explanation, undervaluing your claim by suggesting only minor repairs or denying your claim in its entirety, you should contact an experienced OK bad faith insurance law firm. Our bad faith insurance lawyers are very familiar with the strategies insurance companies employ to deny claims, so we commonly use proven tactics to combat these strategies including the use of our own roofing experts, meteorologists or other appraisers so that you obtain a fair and full valuation of your loss.

It is not uncommon to have an insurance company deny your claim or minimize the value of the claim while one’s neighbors filing claims with other insurance providers receive the full replacement value of their roof. If your insurance company takes this tactic, we can use a meteorologist to provide evidence on the length of time that the hailstorm was over your home as well as the size of the hail. We will use experts to explain the extent of the damage to your roof or other property and to properly value your claim.

Our dedicated OK insurance attorneys will analyze the value of your claim and attempt to persuade your insurance company to compensate you for your actual damage without undervaluing your claim. If your insurance company refuses to handle your claim in good faith, our OK bad faith law firm can file a civil lawsuit for bad faith, which may include punitive damages for your insurance company’s dishonest and uncooperative conduct in addition to the full value of your insurance claim. Punitive damages are designed to punish bad conduct that should be discouraged. Courts often award punitive damages against insurance companies that exercise bad faith in denying, undervaluing or improperly handling an insured’s damage claim.

When you purchase insurance coverage, you should be able to rely on the fact that you will receive the protection promised if you experience a loss.  If your insurance company is claiming that your claim is not covered or is substantially devaluing your claim based on the age of your roof, The Bennett Law Firm will fight to obtain fair compensation from your insurance company. Our experienced bad faith insurance attorneys may even pursue a lawsuit for bad faith against your insurance company.

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