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Home Water Damaged Is Costly

Posted September 13, 2015

When your home has been damaged by water, the repair and replacement costs can be astronomical. Many people do not realize just how extensive water damage can be to their homes. Sadly, many insurance companies undervalue these claims, resulting in enormous costs down the road for the home owner.

Physical Damage Is Not Always Visible

One of the things that most insurance adjustors do not take into account is the unseen water damage to the house. Water damage that has leaked in from the roof could have caused damage to the insulation and rafters of the home. Water could have pooled behind walls and in the attic space. Without careful examination, this type of water damage could cause black mold growth or mildew problems. Both of these issues will lead to extensive repairs of the home if left untreated.

Water that comes in from broken pipes or flooding has the ability to get into every imaginable space. This includes under appliances and in between and behind cabinets. This unseen water can cause appliances to rust or have electrical issues. Cabinets can rot or become moldy. Drywall and flooring around these areas will be ruined.

Carpeting and other flooring that has been covered in water will also need to be professionally dried and cleaned. Professional water extraction and mold remediation services will need to be conducted to ensure that the carpeting or flooring can be saved. If left untreated, the flooring underneath these floor coverings will rot and become moldy.

Furniture will need to be treated in the same respect as carpeting. Professional cleaning must be conducted or the furniture must be replaced. Because furniture has so much contact with the human body, you do not want to risk mold or mildew growth.

Sadly, many insurance companies do not take al of these things into account when they are processing a claim. In fact, many encourage the home owners to use DIY methods for cleaning up after water damage as a way to reduce the amount of the claim.

Why You Need Legal Representation

Your home is most likely your largest asset. You have worked hard to purchase and maintain your home, and you have kept it properly insured to protect yourself against this type of event. You have the right to have the insurance company honor the terms of their policy and provide you with a fair and complete claim for your damages. Anything other than a fair claim is an act of bad faith.

If you are facing this type of situation with your insurance company, speak to an attorney that understands how the insurance system works. Your attorney will make sure that your claim is handled n good faith, and you receive the compensation you need to restore your home.

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