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My House Burned and The Insurance Company is Trying To Say I Committed Arson

Posted March 5, 2017

One of the most frustrating things to go through after having your home burned and destroyed in a fire is having to work with the insurance company. Every step is arduous. The steps taken to get your claim processed: the paperwork, the phone calls and the process itself can be beyond overwhelming. It isn’t always a simple process to get the money that is owed by the insurance company from the loss.

Insurance companies can sometimes drag out the timeframe of paying the claim and question every aspect including trying to say that arson was committed and that you caused your own house fire. These companies have an obligation to fulfill claims that are processed legally.

Bad Faith Lawsuits

Bad faith lawsuits occur when the policyholder and the insurer disagree about the amount of money that should be paid out to the policyholder. There are also a variety of reasons to question whether or not the insurance company is acting in your best interest. These could include:

  • Harassing and frustrating their policyholders until insured drops their claim
  • Refusing to fulfill a properly filed claim
  • Failure to communicate policy limits and policy benefits
  • Failing to adequately investigate insurance claims
  • Attempting to settle claims for less than owed


One of the insurance company’s best tactics in trying to reduce their payout is to make sure that you stay confused on the process of filing your claim and getting the appropriate amount of money you deserve. But if you find that they did not act in your best interest and instead acted in bad faith, then you do have legal options.

Oklahoma Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

The Bennett Law Firm works to make sure the insurance companies are maintaining their responsibilities with claims in Oklahoma. Make sure you are represented by attorneys that understand bad faith lawsuits to get the best outcome when communicating with any insurance company.