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I Had A House Fire And Now My Insurance Says They Won’t Pay

Posted December 10, 2014

Almost 1.4 million house fires were reported in the United States, during the last year a full set of statistics are available, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Losses sustained because of house fires during that same time period amounted to almost $12 billion.

You have had a house fire and now face the reality that your insurance company is denying your claim. Although it is a cold comfort, you actually are not alone. Each and every year, a surprising number of house fire related claims are denied by insurance companies — and sometimes wrongfully so — according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioner. The fact is that just because your insurance company has denied your claim thus far does not mean you do not have avenues of recourse available to you.

The Mission of Insurance Companies

At the outset, you need to understand that the primary mission of an insurance company is to make money for its shareholders. Profits of an insurance company are maximized by reducing the amount of money paid out in insurance claims — or denying these claims all together.

Unfair Claims Settlement Practices

As mentioned previously, in any given year, there exist numerous instances in which an insurance company wrongfully denies coverage for a claim arising from a house fire. Indeed, all states have laws that govern these types of inappropriate — illegal — practices by insurance company, typically entitled Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act.

Insurance Commissioner

If you believe that you have been unfairly denied a compensation for a claim for fire loss to your home, you can file a complaint with the insurance commissioner or insurance department. The insurance commissioner maintains a consumer assistance division that may be able to provide you at least a modicum of assistance.

Legal Representation

The surest course to take to protect your rights and interests in the aftermath of a fire at your home is to engage the services of a qualified, experienced attorney. An attorney with a track record in these types of cases understands how to “take on” an insurance company, even an insurer intent on denying a claim for compensation.

Keep in mind that an attorney charges no fee for an initial compensation. Moreover, no fee is due unless and until the lawyer obtains a settlement or judgment of a house fire related claim on your behalf.

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