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How to Handle a Dispute With Your Insurance Company

Posted August 1, 2015

Although you pay your insurance company a premium to provide a service, there are times when you have to dispute a decision. Whether the disagreement is over a bill or a claim, you need to have a plan to resolve the dispute. Here are actions that you can take to quickly and effectively resolve any dispute with your insurance company.

Understand Your Rights

When your insurance company makes a determination on a claim, the buck does not stop with their decision. In many cases, the company has an appeals process that you can use. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, you can contact your state government for further assistance to resolve the matter.

As an insured party, your rights include:

  • Your insurance company must explain its decision to deny a claim in writing.
  • Insurance companies cannot use the appeals process to make you settle for less than you are owed.
  • Your insurance company must inform you of changes to your policy in writing.
  • Insurance companies must process and settle your claim within a specific time frame.

Contact Your Insurance Broker for Assistance

Your insurance broker can be a strong ally in a dispute with your insurance company. Since brokers have a deeper understanding of how your insurance company operates, they know the exact person to call to get the matter resolved.

Put Your Dispute in Writing

When you have a dispute, you want to get it resolved as quickly as possible. The phone is the quickest way to voice your dispute. However, insurance company representatives may not have the authority to make a decision in your favor. Write a letter to the appropriate department of your insurance company. Be sure to include information about the nature of the dispute, your policy number and dates/times of previous calls.

Contact an Attorney

If other methods of settling your dispute have not worked, it may be time to get help from an attorney. Insurance companies would rather settle than go to court.  Contact the Bennett Law Firm to settle the dispute.

Handling a dispute with an insurance company will take planning and organization. By taking these actions, you can quickly resolve your dispute.