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injury insurance claimsWhen a policyholder faithfully pays their premiums, they presume that they will receive the benefits for which they have faithfully made their premium payments. This security and protection against risk is the reason that people struggle to pay for insurance. When your insurer refuses to provide the benefits for which you have paid, it can create enormous challenges. You may be forced to take out a loan to afford repairs to your home caused by a winter storm. If a life insurer refuses to pay a claim, then a person’s well thought out plans to provide for their family in the event of their death may be frustrated. This can leave a family unable to pay the mortgage or otherwise compensate for the loss of a family breadwinner. An insurance company may even refuse to defend you against a lawsuit and deny your personal injury liability claim. If you find yourself in any of these situations, our Oklahoma bad faith attorneys can help with the following.

First Party Claims

You have faithfully paid your insurance premiums for 20 years. The insurance was expensive so making the payments was a struggle at times. You have never made a single claim against your insurance policy and also have never missed a payment. A terrible storm hits and does massive property damage to your home Like most homeowners, you presume that your insurer will reimburse you for your loss. After all, you have paid thousands of dollars over many years and received nothing in return except for the future promise that your insurance provider will be there when you need it… more»

Life Insurance Claim Denials

When most people purchase life insurance, it is done to provide for the loss of income to one’s family and other economic hardships created by premature death of a family breadwinner. Beneficiaries use life insurance proceeds to pay for things like college tuition, mortgage balances and funeral expenses. Most people never imagine when they purchase life insurance that the company will not pay the beneficiary, which can leave a family with no way to cover basic necessities. Unfortunately, this practice is all too common with life insurance companies denying claims outright, delaying payment or offering to pay less than the amount of the benefits under the policy… more»

Denied Insurance Injury Claim

Many people throughout Oklahoma consistently and faithfully pay their premiums on their auto insurance, business insurance or homeowner’s insurance to protect them in the case of loss or a personal injury claim. The day may eventually arrive when you need your liability insurer to defend you against a lawsuit for a slip and fall accident in your home or injuries to a vehicle occupant in an auto accident. When that day arrives, you may find what thousands of others throughout Oklahoma have discovered.Insurance companies often unfairly deny coverage and refuse to defend personal injury lawsuits… more»
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