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My kitchen caught fire but my home insurance won’t cover it

Posted March 19, 2015

After paying into a homeowners insurance policy for years on end it can be heartbreaking when a claim is denied. This is especially true in situations such as a kitchen fire that should most likely be covered but are continuously denied with no financial assistance in sight. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, then here is a closer look at your legal options after a claim has been denied and a look at when it may be time to contact a legal representative.

Things to keep in mind

What every homeowner should keep in mind is that this process is much easier if they make their claim as quickly as possible and are completely honest with their provider. Attempting to hide or skew information can result in an immediate denial as well as being dropped from your policy. Every single insurance company is slightly different, but most require the initial claim to be made within just a few days. If the claim is sizable and the fire has done extensive damage, then they will most likely assign a claims adjuster to work on your case. In most states, the insurance provider is required by law to give you their decision on the claim within 60 days.

How hiring an attorney will help

When your claim is denied, it is time to get proactive about receiving financial compensation and contact an attorney that has experience with insurance companies. Once an attorney is hired they can take full control of the situation and will be responsible for contacting the insurance provider. This act alone is often enough to spur the insurance provider into action and approve. If the appeal is denied as well, then you will have two options for receiving compensation. The first option is to file for a civil trial that will be overseen by a judge. The second option is to engage in out-of-court mediation with the insurance provider. Out-of-court mediation is generally seen as the more efficient option as it will reduce any major fines and fees coming from the judge. Also referred to as arbitration, this process can last for anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the severity of the case.

No one should ever attempt to take on their insurance provider alone if their homeowners insurance claim has been denied. Having an experienced attorney by your side may be exactly what is needed to quickly receive the compensation that you deserve.

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