Oklahoma Bad Faith Insurance Claims: Alleged Failure to Cooperate

Oklahoma Bad Faith Insurance Claims: Alleged Failure to Cooperate

Posted October 6, 2017

Under Oklahoma’s insurance regulations, both policyholders and insurance companies have certain basic legal obligations. For policyholders, one of their key responsibilities is to comply with the terms of their insurance policy. Nearly all property insurance policies issued in the state of Oklahoma contain a cooperation clause, requiring property owners to assist the insurance company with its investigation.

In essence, this section of your property insurance policy explains what exactly you need to do after sustaining damage. If you fail to cooperate with your insurer, there could be substantial adverse consumes, including the denial of your claim. The insurance company has a right to get cooperation from all policyholders.

However, the insurance company cannot make unreasonable requests. Insurers are always required to act in good faith whenever handling claims. In this post, our Oklahoma bad faith insurance attorneys explain what you should if you feel that your claim has been wrongly denied for your supposed lack of cooperation.


Insurance Company Bad Faith: The Duty to Cooperate Has Limitations

While you are required to help your insurance company with its investigation of your claim, the insurance company is legally prohibited from making unreasonable requests in order to delay your claim or to make it very difficult for you to comply with their requests. Under Oklahoma state law, all insurance company actions must be taken in good faith. This means that insurers are prevented from making any requests of you that are either unnecessary or unreasonable.

Unfortunately, our Oklahoma City bad faith lawyers have seen cases where insurance companies make it hard for a policyholder to comply with their requests. Even worse, these company’s then use that supposed “non-compliance” as an excuse to deny the claim on the grounds that the policyholder breached their duty to cooperate.


How to Fight Back Against Bad Faith Settlement Practices

If you believe that your insurance company is making illegitimate requests while investigating your property damage claim, or if you believe that your insurer is wrongly alleging that you failed to cooperate with its investigation, you need to take legal action. You may have been the victim of an insurance company that was using bad faith settlement practices. Our top-rated legal team is standing by, ready to review your claim and help you explore your legal options. If you have been the victim of any type of bad faith actions, we will fight aggressively on your behalf, seeking full compensation for your damages, along with additional compensation for any incidental damages that were sustained as a result of the company’s bad faith conduct.


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