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What Are The Essential Proofs I Need To File A Claim?

Posted March 12, 2016

Being in an accident or sustaining property damage can be a stressful, expensive, and often painful experience, especially when someone else’s negligence or wrongful act was the cause of the accident. When a person has been in an accident, there are a few vital steps that, if completed, will ensure that he or she is able to file an insurance claim correctly and so begin the process of obtaining compensation.

Essential Evidence

After an accident occurs, one of the most important things a victim must do, after ensuring the health and safety of all parties, is to make an inventory of the worth of the possessions damaged or lost. In the event of a theft, victims should first notify law enforcement of the break-in before creating an inventory. Accurate inventories require some form of proof of the possessions’ existence, including photographs and receipts.

Before an insurer can pay a policyholder for any losses, he or she must first pay the deductible included in the insurance policy. It is important to keep a record that shows that the deductible was fully paid.

At this point, the policyholder must obtain an estimate for repairs or replacement. In the case of a car accident, this would require the insured to arrange for the damaged vehicle to be towed to an auto body shop where the car can be inspected and an estimate for the cost of labor and parts produced. It is important that no repairs be made prior to an additional inspection by the claims adjuster.

Insurance companies require a written explanation of the event as well as the contact information of any potential witnesses. The policyholder must also present all dated receipts related to repairs, medical bills, and other costs incurred due to the accident. Once all this information has been compiled, a claims adjuster will review the records, including any police reports and witness statements, and make a decision concerning the amount owed under the insured’s policy.

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Another person’s negligence can be emotionally and financially devastating for a family. Filing an insurance claim is the first step towards recovery and getting your life back on track. If you or a loved one were involved in an accident, an attorney will be able to help you file your insurance claim correctly. Please contact one of our experienced insurance attorneys at the Bennett Law Firm, at 405-272-0303, for a free consultation.