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Oklahoma residents know that living in our beautiful state also means there are weather events that make it imperative for us to insure our homes and other property.  When we experience the ravages of a storm and the nightmarish events surrounding it, we should rightfully expect our insurance provider to cover the costs of repairs to our property, but in too many cases our homeowners’ insurance companies will attempt to pay far less than the costs of the damages, or attempt to deny payments of our claims. If this has happened to you schedule a free consultation with us today.

There are several steps that consumers can take if their homeowner’s insurance company fails to live up to their obligations:

  • NEVER take no for an answer.  ALWAYS fight back.  The majority of people whose claims are denied do not fight back; however, fifty percent of those who do get some type of results.  Insurance companies count on your accepting their denial; surprise them and fight it.  Ten percent of claims are denied unfairly, and by fighting for your rights, you are likely to wind up with a settlement and to have your denial reversed altogether.
  • ALWAYS demand a written comprehensive explanation of the reasons for the denial of your claim.
  • NEVER give up, but contact your insurance company by phone a minimum of every two to three weeks politely and firmly requesting to speak with a supervisor.  Always take careful notes and always include the name(s) of the people with whom you speak.  Include dates and times and a brief synopsis of each conversation.  Always be specific about the timeframe in which you are requesting to receive a response.
  • File a claim with the Oklahoma Insurance Department and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

While it is unlikely that the insurance company will reverse their decision by your contacting these two entities, but they may be more likely to have it resolved through arbitration.  Keep in mind that your settlement through arbitration is likely to be far less than if you pursue your provider in a bad faith lawsuit.

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If your homeowner’s insurance provider denies your Oklahoma storm damage and your policy clearly covers such damage, Feel free to schedule a free consultation online or call The Bennett Law Firm at 405.272.0303 to discuss your legal options with an experienced Oklahoma City lawyer today. No Recovery, No Fee! We will meet with you face to face and can handle cases anywhere in Oklahoma. We can even come to you!