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Three Illegal Life Insurance Denial Tactics

Posted May 9, 2015

Insurance policies are supposed to protect the insurance parties in the case of injury, loss of work, liability and the like. The covered persons should feel secure that they can file a claim when they need assistance and receive it. Unfortunately, thousands of insurance claims receive denials. Some insurance companies do not part with their money easily. In fact, some of them use illegal tactics to deny their policyholders benefits. The following are three example of illegal insurance denial scams that insurance companies pull:

Misleading Premiums

An insurance company may deny a covered person a claim payment because of a misleading premium. A misleading premium is a premium that does not cover everything that the initial agent may have told the customer it covered.

Post-Policy Underwriting

Many people receive claim denials because the initial signing process was incorrect. For example, some agents can sign people up for policies using just the information that they provide on their applications. The insurance company may not conduct an extensive medical examination before it approves the policy. However, the insured person may have a problem when he or she files a claim. For example, the insurance company may deny a claim for someone who has an illness that someone should have detected before the policy was issued.

Policy Preparation “Errors”

An insurance company may deny a claim payment because of policy preparation errors. For example, the insurance company may claim that the policyholder did not provide a signature in one spot or another, and that the missing signature is the reason for the claim denial. Many insurance companies find a reason to say no because they do not want to part with their funds. An aggressive attorney can help a person to collect compensation from a reluctant insurance company, however.

Getting Help for Claim Denial

A reliable attorney can convince an insurance company to reverse its decision. The lawyer can use a wide variety of tactics that bring the insurance company’s illegal tactics to the light. The Bennett Law Firm is a firms that specialize in bad faith insurance situations. The firm believe strongly in protecting the rights of the insured persons, and they will gladly help those persons to collect what is rightfully theirs. If you believe you are being unfairly treated by your insurance company, call (405) 272-0303 to schedule a free consultation right away.