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Wind Damage to My Roof

Posted July 22, 2014

Who Can Check the Wind Damage to My Roof After My Insurance Denies My Claim?

If you have wind damage to your roof, but your insurance company denies your claim, always ask for a second opinion, or even a third in some cases, by separate adjusters, and request to have a qualified roofing inspector present.

Most roofing companies will pre-inspect your roof on your behalf without charge to determine any damage.  If damage is found, the inspector will work with the insurance adjuster to point out the damaged areas, and determine the need for repairs.

Know What Your Insurance Policy Covers

Be sure to check your insurance policy to determine what is covered before you need to submit your claim, and if you live in an area that often experiences winds strong enough to damage roofs, contact your insurance agent and request a review of your policy to ensure that wind damage is covered.  Also check to make sure your deductible is an amount that you can live with should you need to have your roof replaced.

Persistence often reaps tremendous benefits when it comes to insurance claims being denied the first time around. Our attorneys have successfully litigated hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance compensation for our clients.

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