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6 Tips For Dealing With Your Insurance Company Following A Fire

Posted February 3, 2016

There are few things as devastating as losing your home and belongings to fire. When a fire starts, it takes just minutes to spread, leaving you scrambling to get you and your loved ones out of your home. Even though you have paid your insurance premiums faithfully, it can be a difficult process get the benefits you have paid for month after month.

Here are some tips for dealing effectively with your insurance company after a fire:

  1. Ask for an advance against the final claim – during a fire essentials such as work clothes, toothbrushes, deodorant, shoes, etc. get left behind. Before you start replacing these items out of pocket, call your insurance agent and request an advance on the claim. Keep track of receipts, and remember this will be deducted from the possible claim.
  2. File your claim ASAP –It’s also important to include the following: date of fire, type of damage, location of the damage, injuries at the time of the fire, anyone else involved, condition of your home, a list of damaged items, what temporary repairs are needed if any, and a police report from the scene.
  3. Secure your property, and protect against more damage – If your home is not a total loss, make sure you protect your home and items from further harm. The insurance company requires you to protect against further damage to your home, or they may decline your claim.
  4. Keep on the adjuster – Insurance companies are required to handle your request promptly, most have 30 days to respond from when the complaint has been filed. If you don’t hear from them, call them. You can also send a copy of your application to your state’s Department of Insurance if you feel you your claim is being dragged out.
  5. Keep Track of Expenses – Many policies will include reimbursements for expenses while you are out of your home.
  6. Get estimates – Your insurance company will provide estimates by their adjusters, but you are not obligated to these estimates. Seek your own estimates by companies you may use for repairs. This will allow you to have actual costs, not the insurance adjuster’s lower estimates for repairs.

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