Oklahoma Extended Auto Warranties Are Like Auto Insurance

It is not uncommon for auto extended warranty claims to be denied, or delayed, but there are Oklahoma laws that protect consumers from these tactics due to the fact that the law looks upon an extended warranty as an insurance policy for the consumer.

If your extended warranty provider keeps delaying to pay the costs of repairs for your vehicle, our bad faith insurance attorneys at The Bennett Law Firm will fight for your rights. Schedule a free consultation with us so we can start fighting on your behalf today.

Extended warranties are also referred to as “vehicle service contracts,” and are considered a type of insurance under the Oklahoma bad faith insurance law.  This gives the consumer the right to go beyond normal contract damages that are available for failure to perform under a vehicle warranty, and allows the consumer to pursue the warranty provider for punitive damages.  These laws are constantly changing, and our Bennett Law Firm bad faith attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge in this area and have worked with Oklahoma lawmakers as consultants in this ever-changing area of law.

In today’s volatile financial environment, many consumers realize they may not always have the disposable income available to cover the cost of repairs on their vehicles, thus, making an extended warranty an attractive option as another layer of financial protection when they purchase a new or used car.

Your Auto Extended Warranty is Like an Oklahoma Insurance Policy

In a lawsuit against McMullan vs. Enterprise Financial Group, Inc., the Oklahoma Supreme Court stated that “vehicle service contracts may be the basis of a bad faith insurance lawsuit” due to their meeting the definition of and designed to function and perform as insurance.  This allows the consumer to not only pursue the warranty provider for repair costs to their vehicle, but also allows them to pursue the provider for punitive damages for breaching their obligation that allows the consumer to deal with the provider in good faith.

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