Oklahoma Bait & Switch Sales Tactics

There are many honest car salesmen, but there are also those that will go to any length to sell a car and they seem to have no problem using whatever dishonest tactic they can in order to “earn” their commission.

In advertising their cars, some dealerships will advertise a much lower priced car in order to attract customers to their lot, and then once the customer is there, they will start showing them higher priced cars and steering them away from the lower priced car.  In some instances, they may even tell you the car is not what you want and they have an even better deal.  This tactic is not considered illegal providing they do have the lower price vehicle available and for sale at the advertised price, and they are willing to sell it to you.

Bait & Switch Advertisements

Bait & Switch Ads often advertise as if the dealership has several of these lower priced vehicles available, but once the unsuspecting customer arrives, they are told that particular model has been sold.  To avoid this tactic, write down the model number listed in the ad, call the dealership to confirm the model is still available and ask if they have more than one.  Also confirm the vehicle has all the features you need, and is the color you would choose. Take careful notes, and write down the name of the salesman with whom you spoke.

Keep in mind that knowing your credit rating in advance can save you hundreds, perhaps thousands, in interest payments, since many salesmen will lead a customer to believe that after pulling their credit report, they are going to have to charge a higher interest rate due to their credit rating.  Never take a salesman’s word for this, but check it out yourself.

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