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wind damageExtreme wind damage can have a devastating impact on your home or business often resulting in so much damage to your roof that it must be completely replaced. Though the damage may not be immediately apparent, most insurance policyholders presume that their insurance company will cover the damage to their property. A storm with strong winds may loosen the shingles on your home and compromise the integrity of your roof. A common tactic of insurance companies is to deny wind claims arguing that the damage was not the result of a strong windstorm but rather ordinary deterioration based on the age of your roof.

Alternatively, your insurance carrier may claim that minor patching of your roof or replacing a few shingles is sufficient to repair the damage.  However, the staples on the roof may have become loose undermining the integrity of your roof and permitting future water penetration that may cause further damage to your home or business property. If you have made a wind claim to your insurance company, and your insurance carrier refuses to treat you fairly, schedule a free consultation with The Bennett Law Firm so we can help.

Our experienced bad faith insurance attorneys have represented many clients throughout Oklahoma who have their insurance company mishandle, underpay or deny their wind damage claim entirely. It is in the best interest of the insurance company to deny or undervalue claims to increase profits. The insurance company may claim that the damage was simply a product of the roof’s age or of people walking on the roof as opposed to being the result of wind damage. Many people struggle to receive compensation from their insurer because the insurance company attempts to increase profits be minimizing liability for claims.

If you believe that your business or residential property has suffered wind damage, you should promptly make a claim. If the appraiser for your insurance company indicates that the deterioration of your roof is a product of age or ordinary wear or tear as opposed to wind damage, you should insist on a written explanation for why your insurance company refuses to cover the claim. You can also obtain an independent evaluation from a roofing expert who will inspect the roof and will let you know whether you have a valid claim for wind damage. Our attorneys routinely handle bad faith insurance claims of people throughout Oklahoma.

Our Oklahoma bad faith insurance attorneys will aggressively pursue your claim so that you can receive the compensation that you deserve. Whether you have had your claim denied or your insurance company is simply dragging its feet and refusing to properly value the claim, our legal team can help.

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