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While we like to assume that car dealers adhere to the highest standard of ethics, most of us have encountered an unscrupulous car dealer at some point.  It is wise to use caution before you sign any financial documents when you purchase a new or used car.  While it may seem tedious and time-consuming, it is critical to read through every page to ensure you thoroughly understand all the terms of the financing, warranties, interest rates, gap insurance, etc.  If the dealership representative appears to be frustrated with you, simply ignore it.  Always question anything that does not appear to be right and make sure you understand and are satisfied with the explanation. If you believe that you are the victim of car dealer forgery in Oklahoma City schedule a free consultation with The Bennett Law Firm to discuss how we can help get the compensation you deserve.

Documentation Tactics to Deceive the Buyer

There are numerous deceptive practices that some car dealers use when selling new or used cars and these include:

  • Backdating a document after the initial purchase contract was denied due to the need for a larger down payment.  The terms of the contract may change altogether, but the dealer attempts to mark through specific terms and have you initial them instead of starting over with a new contract.  The entire transaction becomes very convoluted and confusing and often requires the buyer to pay a higher interest rate of which they may not be aware.
  • Actual forgery of a contract often occurs after a customer fails to agree to the terms of a new contract, or the car dealer fails to have the buyer sign their buyer’s disclosure forms due to the dealer’s concern regarding the buyer deciding to void the deal once they have read the full terms of the agreement and their right as a buyer to reconsider the purchase.
  • Changing the actual price of the suggested retail price also known as the MSRP,  by failing to attach a disclosure of the dealers add-on’s and delineating their itemized costs.  The car code clearly states that a car cannot be sold for more than the MSRP unless there is an itemized disclosure.

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