Denied Life Insurance Claims Come at the Worst Time

Denied Life Insurance Claims Always Come At the Worse Time

Posted November 27, 2015

When a loved one passes away the last thing you want to think about is filing paperwork to receive life insurance. Unfortunately it is a reality that must be faced in order for families to continue to pay their bills, funeral expenses, medical bills etc. So it stands to reason that the last thing a loved one wants to hear is that their claim for the life insurance they have been paying on for years has been denied.

Denied life insurance claims on the rise

Some insurance industry experts say that up to 40% of life insurance claim denials are done improperly! That is a staggering number of families that have to suffer unnecessary emotional and financial hardships because of errors.

Why are claims denied?

Many claims adjusters know that beneficiaries will not question or challenge denials so if there is any question as to whether or not a claim should be paid the adjuster will automatically deny it in hopes the beneficiary will “go away”.

Companies will also retroactively investigate the deceased’s medical history or application to determine if anything was failed to be disclosed. This is then used as a way to deny the claim.

Insurance companies also like to use very ambiguous language in their policies so that terms like “accidental death” has very liberal interpretations in order to allow room to deny a claim.

The worst time in a person’s life often includes the death of a loved one. Don’t take on the emotional struggle of fighting with an insurance company by yourself! Hire the experts to represent you and your loved ones so that you can get the full benefits you were intended to receive.

Policies are full of legal jargon that is difficult to understand and intended to deter people from pursuing their claims after an initial denial. There are consequences to improperly appealing a denial that could cost you a favorable ruling.

Hire an Oklahoma Insurance Attorney to fight for you!

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