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Don’t Dispute Your Insurance Claim Alone

Posted June 22, 2015

If you live in the state of Oklahoma there is a good chance that at some point you will need to file a claim with your insurance company. In this state we experience all sorts of weather from severe ice storms to tornado season. The chances are pretty good that at some point your property will be damaged and you will need to count on your insurance company to help you with any sort of damage that is caused. But what will you do if at some point your insurance company tries to play games with you to keep from paying your claim? Taking on an insurance company in a claims dispute can be a difficult process and shouldn’t be something you do alone.

Insurance companies have various tactics that they employ to try and get out of taking care of their customers, and you should be aware of what these are:

  • Denying claims outright – If you are a victim of a house fire, for example, your insurance company may accuse you of arson to try and get out of taking care of your insurance claim.
  • Delaying the process or investigation of a claim – Sometimes insurance companies will do this in the hopes that a homeowner will give up on their insurance claim or will accept a substantially lower offer.
  • Offer less than true value of claim – They will do this to discourage you from fighting for what you deserve.

If you are afraid of this happening to you, or are in the middle of this process now, get a lawyer involved. It is in the insurance company’s best interest to settle disputes quickly, especially if they want to avoid expensive litigation. Having an attorney on your side increases your chances of winning your dispute and will more than likely cause the insurance company to settle out of court.

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