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Four Tips for Filing Roof Damage Claims

Posted January 5, 2018


As the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) notes, the state of Oklahoma is located directly in the center of ‘Tornado Alley’. Our region sees far more than its fair share of major storms. After a big storm rolls through Central Oklahoma, you should always do a brief inspection of your home or business. If you find any sort of roof damage, you need to take immediate action. If left untreated, relatively minor roof damage can quickly grow into a major problem.


You may need to file a roof damage claim against your property insurance policy. As roof damage is a complex issue, these claims can sometimes be challenging. Our experienced Oklahoma storm damage insurance lawyers want to make sure that property owners are able to get the full compensation that they rightfully deserve. Here, we highlight four useful tips for filing roof damage claims.


Did You Sustain Major Roof Damage in a Storm? Four Things You Need to Know


  1. Review the Terms of Your Policy


Property owners should always have access to an electronic copy of their insurance policy. Ultimately, your roof damage claim will be controlled by the specific terms of your policy. You should know your rights and responsibilities under your policy, so that you can take whatever action is necessary to get a fair settlement offer.


  1. Get Professional Inspection Immediately


For a layperson, roof damage is incredibly difficult to inspect. Unless your roof is completely destroyed, it is difficult to know the true extent of the damages without an expert inspection. It is highly recommended that you get a professional inspection as soon as possible after sustaining significant storm damage.


  1. Be Proactive: Document Your Damages


Policyholders should always comprehensively document their losses. If you deal with a professional roof inspection, get a written report and make copies of the estimates. Further, you should be sure to take photographs of any roof damage. The more documentation that you have in your possession, the better off you will be in making your legal claim.


  1. Be Ready for a Dispute


Oklahoma property owners always need to be ready for a property insurance dispute. Unfortunately, the big insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing roof damage claims. This is a common issue in cases involving roof repair and roof replacement. The bottom line is clear: You are entitled to compensation for the full value of your covered losses. If you are having trouble getting a full roof damage settlement offer from your insurer, you should contact an experienced storm damage lawyer immediately.


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