Geico Pays $8.6 Million In Bad Faith Insurance Suit

Geico Pays $8.6 Million In Bad Faith Insurance Suit

Posted December 22, 2015

On October 23rd 2015, over nine years after a crash that took the life of a West Palm Beach man, a jury found that the insurance giant Geico had acted improperly by not properly representing their client, James Harvey.

Harvey was found responsible for pulling his SUV out into traffic and in front of the 51 year old father of two and husband to Tracey Potts, causing his motorcycle to crash into him and killing him. Because Geico did not follow the law that requires insurance companies to cooperate fully when one of their customers is involved in a crash, they were required to pay the verdict against Harvey in the amount of 8.6 million dollars. Had they followed the law, they would have only had to pay the $100,000 limit of the auto policy.

Two Sides of a Bad Faith Suit

Even though both Potts and Harvey were on opposite sides of the initial suit, they were both represented in the bad faith suit since they were both affected by the negligence of the insurance company. Potts because she was not given her right to determine if there was any additional assets to be seized to compensate her for the loss of her husband and Harvey for not being properly represented by his insurance company resulting in a hefty settlement he had no way to pay.

Contact an Experienced Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

The role of an experienced attorney in this case cannot be understated. Both Pott’s and Harvey’s attorney was able to ensure that both of these victims of a very unfortunate circumstance were able to move on with their lives. Harvey without a crippling debt in addition to the guilt of knowing he caused someone’s death and Potts with some compensation for the sorrow of losing a beloved husband.

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