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Insurance Claims After Hail Storms: What You Need to Know

Posted August 4, 2016

Many would likely be surprised to find out that hail and wind damage are the most frequently filed homeowners insurance claims, and, on average, cost over $8,000 per claim. If you live in the Midwest or western states (like Nebraska, Colorado, or Wyoming), you have likely dealt with this issue, as, each year, those states tend to experience highest number of severe storms, especially storms involving hail damage. Last year alone, there were more than 5,400 major hail events in the U.S.

Hail alone causes roughly $1 billion in damage to property each year. If you are a homeowner and have or could be dealing with insurance claims due to a hail storm, it can be helpful to keep certain tips in mind, especially since hail can not only damage your home, but also cause severe injuries to you and your loved ones, and damage to other property.

Common Property Damage

The most common damage that results from a hailstorm is damage to the roof, especially when it comes to asphalt roofs. Other property damaged typically includes any units located outside of the home, such as the air conditioning unit or your vehicle. This can get tricky in terms of which insurance policy covers what; if the damage is due to a storm that also damaged your house, does it also cover your car, or is that your auto insurance policy? Typically, damage to your vehicle is covered under the comprehensive coverage protection in your auto insurance policy, but it all depends upon the fine print of the policies involved.

What to Do

If you have experienced any property damage due to a hail storm, it is crucial that you take pictures to document that damage in order to strengthen any insurance claim that you file. While you can cover up any damage that has resulted in a dangerous or hazardous condition, avoid providing any permanent fixes for anything.

In addition, be careful about hiring the first contractor you speak with; it’s always best to get several estimates to ensure that you are receiving an honest opinion for the work that needs to be done. It is also smart to ensure that you obtain any and all decisions made with the contractor in writing, and either have your attorney and/or your insurance company review key documents before you sign anything official.

If you are at all concerned that you don’t have enough coverage in your policy, it also never hurts to speak with an experienced attorney to obtain a professional opinion on what exactly you are and are not protected under.

Homeowners Insurance Claim Attorneys

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