What You Need to Know About Smoke Damage Claims in Oklahoma  

What You Need to Know About Smoke Damage Claims in Oklahoma

Posted September 25, 2017


Property fires are a major public safety problem in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. According to the data provided by the U.S. Fire Administration, fires cause more than $10 billion in property loss each year. Fire damage can take many different specific forms. A home or business certainly does not need to be burnt to the ground to sustain major loss. Damage caused by smoke is one of the most overlooked types of fire-related loss. Severe smoke damage can be very costly to repair and it can even make a property uninhabitable. If your property sustained smoke damage in a fire, you need to be able to obtain full payment for your losses. Here, our top-rated Oklahoma City fire damage lawyers explain what you need to know about smoke damage claims.


Smoke Can Damage Every Part of Your Home 

The damage caused by smoke can be catastrophic. Indeed, in some cases, smoke damage will be so severe that an entire section of a building will need to be renovated or replaced. Our bad faith insurance lawyers have experience handling many different types of smoke damage insurance claims. This includes damage to:

  • Interior walls;
  • Ceilings;
  • Air ducts and ventilation;
  • Insulation;
  • Floors;
  • Electrical wiring;
  • Appliances;
  • Home furnishings; and
  • Other valuable property.


Three Tips to Make an Effective Smoke Damage Insurance Claim

  1. Review Your Policy

As with any type of property damage, the first thing you need to do after sustaining fire-related smoke damage is to get a copy of your insurance policy. You should start your review with the declarations and disclosure pages so that you can determine your rights and responsibilities. If you are having trouble understanding what do you next, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance.


  1. Document Your Losses 

To get the full and fair financial compensation that you rightfully deserve, it is imperative that you properly document your losses. Unfortunately, all too frequently, the big insurance companies attempt to undervalue smoke damage claims. You need to do as much as possible to carefully document your losses. This includes taking photographs of the smoke damage and assembling financial records.


  1. Know the Process

Finally, you need to know what to expect from the insurance claims process. It is important to get your claim started as soon as you possibly can. You have an obligation to report your smoke damage to your insurer immediately after the loss occurs. At the same time, your insurance company has a legal duty to settle your claim fairly, without any undue delay. If your insurance company is giving you any problems at all, you need to contact a qualified Oklahoma bad faith lawyer for legal protection.


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