Someone Broke Into My House And Busted Up All My Kitchen Cabinets

Someone Broke Into My House And Busted Up All My Kitchen Cabinets

Posted April 8, 2015

It’s the nightmare scenario for all homeowners. You come home to find that your house has been violated. Someone has broken in and stolen many of your things. Worse than that, your brand new kitchen has been smashed to pieces. Not only were the people thieves, but they were also vandals. When someone breaks into your home and busts up your kitchen cabinets, what recourse do you have? You have some options if you are willing to use the help of a good attorney.

Liability for intentional acts

Most people think of filing lawsuits against people who have been negligent in some way. While it is possible to file a lawsuit against someone who hurts you or your property by not being careful, it is also true that people can be held responsible for their intentional acts. When someone breaks into your home and smashes up your cabinets, they are liable under the legal theory of trespass to chattels. This is your property, and when they damage it, they can be sued and forced to compensate you.

Finding the person who did it

One of the most difficult parts of the process is finding the people who committed the crime so that you can file the lawsuit. This is easy if the police caught them in the act. In addition to any criminal consequences they may face, you can also file a suit against them, asking them to answer civilly for what they’ve done. If you don’t have police help in finding these individuals, then things become harder. Part of the job of a good lawyer will be to help you identify the responsible party or parties.

Insurance assistance

If you can’t figure out who did it, you might be able to get compensation through your insurance plan. If you have good homeowner’s insurance, then you could receive compensation for your claim. There may be some negotiation necessary with the insurance company, and you’ll have to be diligent in how you file your claim. Still, when this unfortunate instance happens to you, a good lawyer will be able to help you sort through all of the details, even if that just means going to bat on your behalf in conversations with a difficult insurance company.

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