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Steps To Take After You Are Robbed

Posted November 17, 2014

A former guitarist for the band Hatriot became a hero recently after chasing down a group of young women who had mugged a woman on the street. He witnessed the robbery from his car while he was waiting to pick up someone he was giving a car ride through the Lyft program.

He heard screams and looked through his window to see a woman bleeding from the abdomen while four young women ran from her carrying her bag. After chasing them down and recovering the bag, they ran over his foot. Thankfully, multiple witnesses took pictures.

After A Robbery

There are many things to deal with after a robber, not the least of which are your stolen items. You may have been physically hurt, or may have witnessed something terrifying in the process, but it’s important to attempt to keep your wits about you in order to take the proper steps to supply the police and insurance company with valuable information they will need to both catch the thief and recover your property.

Steps To Take

Some of the things that are recommended after a robbery may seem obvious to outsiders looking in, but you’d be surprised how difficult it can be to make rational decisions after experiencing the violation of theft. Here are important things you should do in the unfortunate event of a robbery:

  • Call 911 – the faster the police can assess the scene and get on the trail of the criminal the better. Also, you CANNOT file an insurance claim without a police report.
  • Take Inventory – It’s important that someone take pictures of ransacked property, and make a list of any and every stolen or damaged item. Officials will need this to make a case.
  • Address your emotions – Robbery is a violation of personal privacy and safety. Whether you get support of a trusted friend or a professional, you need to acknowledge what has happened to you and take steps necessary to work through your emotions and get to a place where you can feel safe again.

Oklahoma City Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys

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