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Tips for finding the best Car Insurance For You

Posted November 19, 2014

In years past, people typically chose a car insurance agent based on word of mouth, or a referral from a family friend. These days, we’ve got singing “Flo,” a lizard, and an actor who used to play the President of the United States on 24,  all vying for our attention. All of the companies sell the same thing: car insurance, but how exactly do you know which company is right for you and which type of insurance is going to offer the best protection for your specific needs?

Top 10 Tips

Consumer Reports lists their Top 10 Tips for finding the right car insurance policy:

  1. Check insurance rates yearly to be sure you’re getting the best deal.
  2. Choose a top-rated insurer.
  3. Maintain good credit. Regularly check your credit score since a low score may impact your premium.
  4. Set an appropriate deductible. Although higher deductible lowers your premium, you’ll have higher out of pocket costs after an accident.
  5. Evaluate your coverage. Minimal coverage gives you minimal protection.
  6. State reduced mileage with your insurer; you may qualify for a lower premium if you’re driving less.
  7. Keep your eye on repairs after a wreck to be sure the parts they use meet safety standards.
  8. Choose the right vehicle. Car damage and the expense of repairs are a major part of the insurance costs. Compare the data on collision by vehicle model.
  9. Be on alert for scams. Con artists can rip off drivers with staged wrecks, which could mean an insurance claim against you. To steer clear of this, follow good driving practices, always photograph a crash scene and call law enforcement to report incidents.

10. Take advantage of discounts. Discounts are available for drivers considered to be lower.

Oklahoma City Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys

Make sure you choose the right insurer with the right policy to fit your needs so that when you need them, they’ll come through. Whether your insurance company has denied your claim or won’t respond with an adequate reimbursement amount, our insurance bad faith attorneys can assist you in obtaining compensation you need to recover from your loss. Schedule a free consultation online or call The Bennett Law Firm at 405.272.0303 to discuss your legal options with an experienced Oklahoma City lawyer today.