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My Vehicle Was Sideswiped. What Can I do if My Insurance Company Won’t Pay?

Posted December 24, 2014

There are certain types of car accidents that are difficult to prove fault in court. One of these accidents is being hit on the side of your car by another car while in motion. This is otherwise known as sideswiping a vehicle. The major problem in proving this claim to the insurance company is often the other driver does not stop. It is not an accident that usually causes both vehicles to stop like a head-on collision would. If there is no identification for the other driver who sideswiped you, it can be very difficult to collect insurance benefits to repair your car.

The good news is that while it is difficult to receive payment for such an accident, it is certainly not impossible. However, to increase your chances of being successful, it is a good idea to speak with an attorney to know your options.

When speaking with the attorney, be sure to present a very accurate record of events starting with the accident. Describe what the car looked like that hit you and what the driver looked like. If you were able to get the license plate of the other car, this can be very useful for the attorney.

You will also want to give a full accounting of what has occurred with the insurance company so far. Be very detailed in describing your conversations with them, and try to use the same terminology they used with you when discussing the case. Provide any information that you submitted to the insurance company and any correspondence they sent to you.

Unfortunately, the insurance company will often look for any loophole that will keep them from being required to pay your claim. They rely on the fact that an insurance client is usually not versed in insurance law and can be easily convinced that there is no legal obligation to pay the claim. Or, they will put pressure on you to present proof that you cannot possible give them and they deny your claim.

The attorney will understand the obligation of the insurance company in your accident and whether or not you had coverage at the time that would pay for the accident. There are also underinsured motorist options that will pay damages for accidents such as this in many states.

Let your attorney worry about getting the money you deserve from your car accident while you continue to focus on family, work and everything else that is important in life. Contact okinsurancebadfaith.com and know your options today.

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