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Insurance Claims After Hail Storms: What You Need to Know

Posted August 4, 2016

Many would likely be surprised to find out that hail and wind damage are the most frequently filed homeowners insurance claims, and, on average, cost over $8,000 per claim. If you live in the Midwest or western states (like Nebraska, Colorado, or Wyoming), you have likely dealt with this issue, as, each year, those states […]

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My Neighbor’s Tree Hit My House: Are They Liable?

Posted March 19, 2016

Unfortunately, severe weather often results in trees and large shrubs falling over or losing branches, which can cause damage to a neighbor’s property. The harm caused by falling trees can be extensive and may require hours of labor and expensive materials to repair. Fortunately, insurance companies usually take care of the cost of any property […]

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Liability Insurance and Typical Homeowners Policies

Posted March 3, 2016

Liability insurance protects policyholders from having to pay out of pocket for costs associated with legal claims. For example, if a person is found liable for causing property damage or injury to another, his or her primary liability insurance pays for medical costs or repairs up to the limits of the policy. When an accident […]

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